Top Fat Loss Foods

Newly Discovered Foods that Encourage Fat Loss

Everyone wants to lose weight fast. However, with so many choices in food products today, it can be hard to know what is actually working with your body to produce good results. When selecting foods try selecting organic wholefoods. All the chemicals that are found in processed foods and conventionally grown produce actually make the nutrient value much less and our bodies are left starving for nutrients. When our body is bogged down with chemicals and toxins the body loses is natural detoxification power to help us with fat loss even when exercising and eating what we ‘think’ is healthy. So what are the foods that better help us shed those unwanted fat stores? Try these foods that have recently been found to have a substantial impact on burning fat, instead of storing as unwanted Fat.

Chia Seeds

Our ancestors learned quickly what foods delivered energy and stamina. The chia plant is an annual herb that was first discovered by 16th century Aztecs and is a member of the mint family. Southern Mexico and Guatemala are popular areas for finding this native flowering plant. While the Aztecs had little knowledge of vitamins and nutrients, they noticed a dramatic fat loss and also felt more vibrant after chewing on chia seeds. Today we know that chia seeds is a super food that is packed with Omega-3, Omega-6, and calcium. In addition, consuming raw chia seeds can produce a full feeling, causing you to eat less and the high fiber content is key for a fat loss program. You can add chia seeds to smoothies, oatmeal or yoghurt and they actually taste delicious! It’s a must for the pantry.

Goji Berries

China is home to the goji berry that grows on evergreen bushes in subtropical regions. Used for medicinal purposes for centuries, this fruit is a natural super food. Fat loss, improved circulation, help for eyesight, and better hair and nails are a few of the benefits of goji berries. Bland foods that need flavoring can always gain popularity with chopped, dried goji berries. Juicing or adding dried goji berries to your favorite trail mix are other ways to use this delightful, antioxidant rich fruit. russian grocery store


Who would ever think that enjoying the burst of flavor from chiles could actually be aiding in fat loss? Foods that contain capsaicin, such as chiles and peppers, provide thermogenics that increase fat loss by stimulating your metabolism. Whether chiles are consumed raw, powdered, or in sauces, never think that you are adding to your calorie intake. These foods will actually aid in shrinking fat tissue. So pour on the hot sauce and enjoy the sensation.

Fresh Sardines

Fresh fish has always been known to have a huge supply of Omega-3 fatty acid and protein. However, few people think of enjoying a dish of sardines to decrease triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure, and slow the accumulation of plaque in arteries. Besides the overall health benefits, sardines can aid in fat loss by supplementing your body with necessary natural protein. Grilled or poached in your favorite marinade, sardines make a delicious snack or a main meal on a bed of lettuce and a side cup of soup.


The avocado tree started in Mexico and central America.

Avocados’ contain phytosterol like beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol and they help to reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused from high oxidative stress in the body caused by foods. Many people don’t know that they have inflammation in their body until they eliminate all the refined seed oils from their diet and see weight loss almost instantly.

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