It is very easy to save on auto parts. If you have the time YOU WILL SAVE MONEY… GUARANTEED! Whenever we need to do any auto repair to our vehicles, we ALWAYS shop around. There is so much competition with all the auto parts stores. Many smaller items are similar in price. They will try to beat each other on price if possible. Most of the time there is a difference. used auto parts

First, know the year, make model, size motor, etc. of your vehicle. Also, know what you are looking for. If the auto rep needs any other information, he will ask. If you do not know all the important details about your vehicle, just give the VIN number. It is on your title or usually inside the front driver’s door. The customer service representative will assist you in finding the VIN number.

Make a chart of the names and phone numbers of each auto parts store in your area. Call and get prices. It does not take long to get prices. Most of the stores will get you a price on the parts you need within minutes. Make sure you are comparing the auto parts properly. In other words, compare the same quality. I like to buy USA made parts as much as possible. It pays to get good quality when it comes to fixing your vehicle.

Don’t buy an auto part just because it is cheapest. It is not frugal to have to repair again soon after the initial repair. It is a waste of time and money. Many times you want good quality for safety too. Did you know that many of the stores will beat their competitors on price. You tell them the lowest price quoted and ask if they can beat it.Therefore, they will usually work with you. When I am getting prices from a dealer, like Ford for example, I always ask them if that is the best they can do. They always come down on price too. They even vary from dealership to dealership in the same county, no kidding. THEY WANT YOUR BUSINESS…. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY…

I have saved A LOT of money shopping around. It didn’t take nearly as long to shop around and get a better deal as it would for my husband to earn the difference. It is called team work. I have even shopped around for a good deal on auto parts when a mechanic was fixing my car. It has been worth it for the time spent shopping around to get a good deal and save money. We work hard for our money and I’m sure you do too. We might as well get the most for our money. Don’t be lazy and take easy way. Frugal living is a mentality. It takes time and effort. Buy USA made products and keep our Americans working.


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