Despite wigs being so popular, studies show that many people (especially first-time wearers) make plenty of mistakes with them. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them:

Buying the wrong wig

You can’t imagine the number of people that buy the wrong units. While there are many wigs in the market, it doesn’t mean that all are ideal for you. For you to look great you have to go for units that compliment your face shape and color. If you don’t know the right ones to go for, ask a professional to help you out. glueless wig

Not cutting the wig

Even if you have bought a unit that complements your face shape it doesn’t mean that you will find one that is an exact match. For the unit to look good on you, you have to cut it. Unfortunately, most people wear the unit the way it is and this results to the wig looking ugly and unnatural. The best way of going about it is taking it to a professional for cutting. The professional cuts from around the edges so that the lace doesn’t show when you are wearing the wig.

Failing to wrap your hair

If you are wearing a wig it doesn’t mean that everyone has to know that you are wearing one. Most first-time wearers fail to wrap their hair properly thus the wig looks puffy rather than natural. This provokes everyone to tell that they are wearing a wig. To avoid this from happening to you, you should wrap your hair around your head while it’s wet and then sit under a hair dryer for the hair to dry. When wrapping your hair ensure that your hair is wrapped around your head as tightly as possible. This is to allow the wig to sit as close to the scalp as possible.

Not taking care of the wig

Most of the people buying the wigs for the first time think that they don’t need to take good care of them as they aren’t their real hair. Most of the people let their hair run dry and brittle which cuts down on its life. For your wig to last for long looking beautiful you should treat it the same way that you treat your natural hair. You should clean and condition it regularly using industry-approved products. Also ensure that you buy the wig from a reputable store.



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