Auto Dealer Chat – 7 Must Have Features That Can Impact A Dealership’s Bottom Line

Live Chat Feature #1

Automatic Log-in / Log-out

For live chat to work, users must be logged in, online and available to accept consumer inquiries. With so much happening at the dealership, salespeople and their supervisors are generally busy. Remembering to log in and out of a chat client each day can be one more step users are likely to forget. Choosing a live chat tool that can automatically detect when dealership salespeople are present and available to answer chats saves managers from having to remind salespeople to log in so that they don’t miss potential chat leads.

Live Chat Feature #2

The Option For Dealerships To Answer Their Own Chats fmwhatsapp

How many car dealerships outsource their phone calls? Those that do should also outsource their chat conversations, but all other dealerships should insist on the option of answering their own. Live chat is simply another way for consumers to contact dealerships. Responding to interested buyers and building rapport over the phone is an important part of driving customers into the dealership; and the same is true for live chat. Trained salespeople are always a dealership’s best resource for responding to prospect questions regarding vehicle inventory, features and affordability.

In times when the dealership needs support (peak traffic times, after-hours or when there simply are not enough salespeople available to answer chat leads) routing inquiries to a professionally staffed, outsourced chat center makes sense. In other words, a dealership shouldn’t have to choose between answering their own chat conversation versus outsourcing – they should be able to have the best of both worlds. Live chat providers that give dealerships first preference in answering chats themselves, while also providing the option for reinforcement when necessary, offer the best solution.

Live Chat Feature #3

Use Photos of Actual Salespeople Instead of Models

Customers are looking to engage with real people. Statistics show that including the actual name and photo of the dealership salesperson responding to the chat can double the number of chat inquiries dealers receive. Real names and photos also help salespeople build trust and rapport with buyers, knowing that the same person they are chatting with is also someone they are likely to meet and recognize walking into the showroom.

Live Chat Feature #4

Ability To Answer Chats While On The Go, Anytime, Anywhere

Consumers reach out and chat with dealerships when it’s convenient for them (whether inside or outside of normal business hours). As well, dealership salespeople are more effective when they are free to move about the dealership and not tied to their computers. Because of this, the ability to answer chat requests using mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone becomes a great advantage for dealers. Mobile chat answering means that salespeople remain active and available to consumers even while on the go. As a result, salespeople are able to field a greater number of requests and capitalize on more sales opportunities.

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